A Hands-on approach grounded in authenticity and comprehensive storytelling

Monstera Wedding's ultimate goal is to craft a film that encapsulates the essence of your spirit and story. We prioritize getting to know you well so that we have a deeper understanding of you and your vision. This also helps build trust between us, so you not only feel comfortable providing your input, but being your most raw self during your celebration. Coupled with a comprehensive approach to all technical and artistic aspects, your film is curated to feel like you and tell your story.

Following the wedding, we will begin weaving your footage into a narrative that truly reflects your unique bond. We pay close attention to color grading, sound design, and music selection, creating a cinematic experience that you'll cherish forever.


On your wedding day, the Monstera team will blend in the background while you make memories. We will be unobtrusive yet thorough, ensuring we don't miss a beat of your special day.


Once booked, we will move into prepping for your wedding or elopement together! This will involve location scouting, storyboarding, and discussing the theme and style of your wedding.


Inquire here and we will reach back out to schedule a consultation call where we get to know each other better and create your package. Your date will be officially booked once the contract is signed and deposit is paid!


The Process

Your package will be unique to you and curated to your needs, budget, and vision. We will help guide you in decided what add-ons will best suit you during our consultation call!

Customized Packages for Every Love Story

Investment Begins at $4,997

"My husband and I recently got married in December, 2023. I'm so grateful we hired Rick and his team to be our videographer!! I would highly recommend using them. Rick was very professional and supportive throughout the entire process. We set up a few calls while being engaged to prepare for the day. He also worked really well with our photographer to gameplan for the day. This was HUGE because they were able to work together to obtain all the shots needed and didn't step on each other's toes. 

Rick put together a 2 minute clip of the day, and I watch it everyday! The shots he chose and the music he tied with it was so meaningful. It was a perfect video to showcase the day. I shared it on social media.  He also put together a full 45 minute video of the day that includes special events and speeches of the day, so we won't forget anything special that happened!

Again, we are so grateful we worked with Rick. He captures all the special moments and now we have his work to look back on the wonderful day!"

Alyssa & Tim

"We could not be more thrilled with our choice to choose the Monstera Wedding team to be the videographer for our wedding video. We knew this was one of the biggest decisions we would make because we wanted to be able to relive the emotions of our wedding every time we watched the video. After doing research and reaching out to a couple different videographers, Rick made himself stand out above the rest. His responsiveness and attention to detail early on really showed we were working with a professional. Planning a wedding is obviously a lot of work, so finding a team that makes one facet of it so easy is amazing.

On the big day the team did an amazing job of suggesting ideas of how to capture moments, while also letting us be in our natural elements the whole day. This was captured in our wedding video because you can really see the raw emotions of the day without us knowing the camera is even there. They did an amazing job of capturing the venue, groom/bridal party, guests, as well as the bride and groom. We are so thankful we chose the Monstera Wedding team and would 10/10 recommend their team to anyone in the market."

Kate & Matt

kind words from past clients

Our videography style is a blend of cinematic and documentary, capturing your day in a way that feels both epic and deeply personal. We focus on the genuine moments, from the grand emotions to the subtle glances, all while incorporating the unique vibe and aesthetic of your wedding. Our goal is to create a film that not only tells the story of your day but also reflects your personality and style as a couple.

What is your film style?

Music sets the tone for your wedding film, so we put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect soundtrack. We'll consider your personal tastes, the overall mood of the day, and the narrative of your film. Whether you have specific songs in mind or prefer to leave it up to our creative discretion, we ensure the music complements your story beautifully, adhering to licensing laws to keep everything legit.

How do you choose the music for our wedding video?

Monster Weddings offers a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets. From essential coverage with the key moments of your ceremony and reception to premium packages that include full-day coverage, multiple videographers, drone footage, and more. Every package comes with a professionally edited highlight reel, and options vary to include full ceremony edits, speeches, and even raw footage. Let's chat about what you're looking for, and we can tailor something just for you.

What packages do you offer, and what do they include?

We understand how eager you are to relive your special day, so we aim to deliver your wedding film within 8-12 weeks after your wedding date. This timeframe allows us to carefully edit and craft your story with the attention to detail it deserves. If you're looking for a sneak peak to share sooner, let us know, and we can discuss options for a teaser trailer.

How long after the wedding will we receive our wedding video?

Simply reach out with your wedding date and details about your day via the contact form here. We'll chat to ensure we're a good fit for each other and then move forward with a contract to secure your date. A deposit is required upon booking, with the balance due a few weeks before your wedding. We're all about clear communication and will guide you through every step to make the process seamless and stress-free.

How do we book you, and what is your payment policy?

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